Is H1 B valid if i changed company and traveled to US


I got H1 B but my company not in a position to move to US. so i changed my company to another one.

  1. will my H1 B cancelled?

  2. If not, can i get cap exempt quota if this company will to raise?

  3. My wife is going to US, if i go with her on H4(i dont have it now, i will get it), will i get cap exempt quota there in US to raise H1 B for employer.

Please advise any idea.

Thank you so much.


Rajesh J N

  1. Your previous company could cancel the H1B petition.

    1. Yes, your current company can file a cap-exempt petition for you citing your previously approved H1B petition. This can be done even if your previous company has cancelled that petition - you need to have the petition copy or at least the receipt number.

    2. Yes, your current company can file cap-exempt petition for you.