Is going to India on F-1 status after graduation and returning is safe?


I am currently working on F-1 status with OPT. I have graduated in May 2012. My OPT ends on May 9th, 2013 and then i have a 17 - Month extension. In the meantime, my company will sponsor my H-1 and i will be able to start OPT from October 2013.

So, i am going to work on OPT/F-1 till October 2013 i.e more 17 Months. So, if i have to go to India for a break before October, 2013, then is it safe to travel if i have all the documents ? I have heard from many people that it is not safe to travel but have no proper explanation on why it is not safe.

Can someone guide me on this please ?




Its safe as long as you have proper documentation. The primary documents you need would be:

Job offer

OPT/Travel I-20

Valid Visa on passport

Always discuss your case with Univ and employer before long ahead as you are doing now.

Finally to avoid unnecissary issues make sure you have more than 3 months of opt while coming back.

make sure you carry your paystubs, offer letter, and tax forms when you go. You can go, but the immigration officers are sometimes misinformed of the rules.
They read the “NOT VALID FOR RE ENTRY” and get all confused. A couple of officers may give you problems. Point them to the USCIS website if they have doubts.