Is F2 Visa valid after H4 change of status?

I and my wife were on F1/F2 Visa last year till our H1/H4 petition got approved and became valid from Oct 1 2018. We have the I 797 approval notices but have not got the visas stamped yet.

Now, I had applied for an ITIN for my wife with my federal tax return and I just realized that the tax consultant has entered F2 as her visa status(expiration date in July 2019) in the W7 application.

Will it be considered as a valid visa by the IRS? Will this cause her application to be rejected?

Thanks in advance.

Well, IRS may or may not look at it closely…but, it is your duty to correct it. Look at options to re-file the application or call IRS and get it fixed. I am not sure, if it will be rejected, but, if you know you did a clerical mistake, go ahead and get it fixed ahead of time…before you get the decision.