Is EB-5 for Green Card better than H1B?


I am an IT professional with 22 years experience ( of which 14 years in SAP HR). I am an Indian national currently based in Middle east and would like to move to USA with family. Which option is better - H1B route to get a green card or EB-5 ( investment of 500K) since it is given for the whole family but have the requirement of the huge fund and risk involved. At the same time, getting green card through H1B route is long and not gauranteed at all.

Kindly advice if anyone has experience as to which is better option to get a green card.

Thanks in advance…


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You can apply for EB-5 visa. Not only you but your spouse and children are eligible for a PR under this Visa. Although the investment is huge, remember that the investment is paid back with some interest after 5 years.

To stay away from Scam/Fraud, make sure that you invest in a good project. Please contact me at for more details. I can provide you more details on the same.