Is doing job in USA is safe for a indian mother at age of 36?

I am Graphic designer having 5 years experience without taking degree. In life, i want to do job for atleast 6 months to 1 year in USA. But my english is not so good so i will be doing course for it. Actually my work is very good and always appreciated. but i frightened to leave alone in abroad because in my family no one go to abroad and i don’t know anything. But i decide that atleast for some days i will go. For just a fun i can’t go because i can’t afford it. I have 2 children also.

You can certainly try for your luck.

If you have proven experience, you can present your eligibility by combining your graduation + work experience as an equalent for the H1B eligibility criteria. A good Education Evaluation would do this. Try searching online for such resources.

Living and working in USA is much liberal for any individual regardless of age, race, gender, marital status, physical conditions etc as long as legally eligible and able to execute the inteded duties… Infact there any MANY single moms in US who are very proud of their ability to win the life with a lot of self esteem. You could be one too…

All the best, you can do it.