Is COS from F1 to H4 required before adding as a beneficiary to my spouses’s I-140?

I am currently on F1 OPT stem extension. I am planning to be added as a beneficiary to my spouses’s I-140 application next year. 1. Do I have to file a change-of-status from F1 to H4 before I submit the I140 application? Or is it ok to be listed as beneficiary with F1 visa on I-140 application?2. Does the beneficiary’s visa status(F1) have any effect on the I140 application?3. Assuming #1 is allowed(being listed on I140 while on F1 visa), will it have any effect on obtaining H4 based EAD in the future? After I140 is approved, can I file a change-of-status(from F1 to H4) and apply for EAD ?