Is client letter required?... H1b stamping

I am going to attend visa interview in couple of days.

I am a direct recruit from a US company and I sit at employer location and I report to employer side manager. I no way report to any of the client people.

Still , do they ask for client letter? I havea copy of Contract Agreement between my employer and client . Will that be enough?

Dear Ashok,

PFB Documents which will be neccessary. Employer Employee Relationship is key factor here in your case. Carry as much as Employer related documents you can. Below are listed things which can make your case stronger and safer


Employer Documents. 

	Original Offer letter from your employer

	Employer ID Card

	6 Months Pay slips and last 2 tax returns

	Your Resume

	Name Email ID and phone number of personal managers

	Contact Information of 2 co-workers

	Work Experience letters***

If you have your employer letter stating you work for them, with so and so salary, pay stubs should be enough to prove your employment. But you must have details about your project that you are currently working on. I dont think a letter from Client is required, but you may be questioned on your job responsibilities and project that you do for the client. Carry with you anything that shows the existence and details of the project.

If in LCA it is mentioned that you will work at your employer place then no need I believe.
Refer back to your LCA for Address where you will be working.

Yes the address in the LCA is my employer address…