Is Client Letter Must for RFE Response

Hi All, I got RFE on 29th September and asked to submit End Client

Letter,SOW,Contract Letter by November end.Since I moved to different Client

Project(in a typical IT Services Company) so could not get End Client Letter but I got

rest of the documents mentioned above along with Business Relationship Manager

Letter of my company and client before few days.

I am very worried about the chances of approval of my petition.If someone has some

idea then please share it.

Thanks a lot…

Can someone please reply to this query?? I would be highly thankful…

instead of Client letter, SOW can be get since it is the master document for each project. That document can be shared with the USCIS even though you left the project.



Thanks Vivek… at least got some relief.

One thing more that I have submitted SOW+Contract Letter+BRM
Letter+Project Hierarchy Chart.Would it be fine?

Thanks a lot…

Has ur petition got approved?I am also in the same boat as you.My visa has been initiated this year,RFE has come.but project got scrapped,so can’t get client letter.

What happen to ur case ? my case is same so asking pls help

I gave brm letter and it got approved