Is Client letter Mandatory for H1B stamping?

Hi All,

I have upcoming drop box for my h1b stamping renewal. My employer doesn’t have client letter as client doesn’t provide, May I know how to explain this situation incase if they ask me. My employer provided supporting document with duties mentioned on it, My employer provided one document with job duties, Can I provide that document as substitute to client letter.

Any suggestions on this is appreciated

The best alternative to client letter is the SOW between your employer and the client. Work with your employer and their immigration lawyer to discuss your options.

Thank you For the quick response

Discuss with you client directly and explain the importance of client letter for your visa interview. If you mention the client location in the approved LCA, definitely the visa officer will ask you show the client letter when you go for in person interview.
In my case, i attended H1B drop box in Kolkata on 10th February and received email from US Consulate and asked me to come for inperson interview and asked me to bring all the necessary documents including Full I129 petition booklet. During the inperson interview the visa officer asked me all the documents including the client letter . Better to get the client letter to avoid 221G.

Hi Karthik, thanks for your input.
I spoke with my client whom I work with directly and managed get some kind of client letter which includes project information, responsibilities handled by me, project start and end date and location which is same as Client location in the LCA with client email signature which includes client official email address.

I am hoping that will Surve the purpose incase they asks for it. Any thoughts on this?

For dropbox client letter or SOW is not needed