Is any option for a guy done his MBA in India to go for MIS Course in US ?

What are the difficulties one would ideally face ? anyone with similiar profile how is he/she doing in US job ,Please anyone can quote some examples it would be really useful

Well, you need to clearly check the MIS course program. If you may have to take some pre-requisites and work hard as you do not have any Information systems background. Read this article to get an idea on MS in CS vs MS in MIS

fyi i already have 2.8 years of IT work ex as System Engineer at Infosys and coz there is no placements from my MBA course or the pay offered is very less so i am considering an option to do MIS course from US ,now suggest do i have to hide my MBA degree for MIS course as suggested by many consultants or there any way out that i can show my MBA and opt for MIS course