Is AGACS (Advanced Global Agile Consulting Services) ( legit or fake?


The above consulting service ( has approached me for H-1B visa 2016.

Their terms are 75k INR non-refundable. If my case is selected in lottery, another 2500 USD for further filing?

At the same time, they also do L-1A (Intra company transfer) for 6L INR?

Can anyone please let me know if they have dealt with this firm before and have any feedback on the same?



I would personally stay away and advise one and all to stay away from any company that would ask for money or compensation in lieu of visas.

Thanks a ton, Ankit!
But as you must be aware, there are many genuine IT consulting firms who hire for H-1Bs and also charge a fee for the same.
I completely understand that this is not the general process, and it could be dicey, but the consulting business is too large, and thriving, as not everyone can get into Infy, TCS, Apple, Google, and other similar outfits, so they use these firms to reach America, and succeed.
The question is how to know if this is a genuine consultancy and not a fraud one.

Any other readers has any other suggestion / comment?

Mahesh, I understand what you are saying. You can research the company on myvisa jobs website, read for the reviews on glassdoor. Try and find employers of the same company on linked in and get in touch with them. This should give you a fair idea whether the company is legit or fake. Best of luck.

they r cheating all people , n charging very huge amounts n providing fraud n fake 420 services

I have been here for my cousins visa, his name is Maruthi Srinivas - This company helped them with USA visa and have done an excellent job. And further more the same person said he referred few more candidates to the same & my intention is its a GENUINE company.

How much did your cousin pay for the visa? You know it sounds fishy when someone posts the actual name of a family member.

Yes krishnaraj12,

Could you please come out with more clarity? What kind of visa did Mr Srinivas get, how much he charged, et al?

Thanks Shekhar for the info.

Could you please give more basis to your comment?

I dont know the fees paid but he got complete visa processing with this company for sure.

@ Saurabh
If it sounds fishy then, it doesnt mean its fishy. Anyways you people can cross check if you need

@ mahesh
I dont know price but processing was done and this company also has head office in USA, so companies who are existing across multiple locations are genuine rather than just one room offices in India.
He got L1 visa

i got my visa for canada PR.
if they are not genuine. how would i get the visa.
and their prices are reasonable.
i am satisfied.
and dont blame a company without knowing the fact

i got my visa for canada PR.
if they are not genuine. how would i get the visa.
and their prices are reasonable.
i am satisfied.

processed correctly ,got my h1 visa.

processed correctly ,got my h1 visa.