IRS Tax Refund Economic Relief Payment and Public Charge Rule?

Hi everyone,

For those that started getting tax refunds back, there is this IRS page talking about Economic Relief Payment automatically applied in addition to the tax refund you request:

Since IRS is providing this economic relief from tax money, and because of COVID-19, does this count against the Public Charge Rule that us all on visa statuses have to keep track of? Do we have to take any action regarding this extra tax refund amount?

For example, for single people making under 99k/year, resident aliens, you will receive extra $1200 in addition to whatever you filed/asked as refund for 2019.
Economic relief is great, but with the new Public Charge Rule, want to make sure that I am eligible in the first place, and what should be done in the future about this.

This is Tax Rebate and Not income or benefit. It is basically tax that you paid before, that IRS is giving back to you… It is hence not classified as Public Charge.