Interview Waiver - VAC vs Drop-off location

Dear Kumar,

I would like to express my gratitude for the informative article you posted on how to check whether an appointment is for an interview or if one is waiver-eligible.

After reviewing my appointment details, I noticed that the ‘history’ section indicates that I am waiver-eligible. However, the location of my appointment is scheduled at the Chennai VAC. Given that I am over 80 years old and that my wife will be accompanying me for the drop-off, I have decided to go to the Bangalore location instead, which is much closer to my residence.

I have received an appointment letter indicating that my account is scheduled on April 12th at 9:45 am at the VAC. Since drop-offs at the Bangalore location are only open from 10 am onwards, I am unsure if the timing of my visit to the VAC matters. Additionally, I am in the process of making flight arrangements, so I was wondering if there is any flexibility regarding the appointment date.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment and support to the Indian community.


As far as you dropat the same day as your appointment, time doesn’t matter.

Dear Kalpesh, Thank you. I will get there on the same date and drop off the papers.