Interview waiver program H1B scenario

my previous H1B was stamped with employer A and is valid till oct 30 2013.

I transfered to Employer B, got new i797c valid till oct 30 2013 ( obviously it will expire soon so raised extension request, which should come by september 30 2013 with some future expiration date)

This new extension I will get stamped from india in dec 2013.

My question :

I went through several portals seeing elligibility criteria for interview Waiver Program.

Am I elligibile? doubt is over company change scenario form A to B since clause says it should have been with same petitioner.

Rest of the critierias i satisfy like,stamped in india, same category H1B, no refusals, etc


You are NOT illigible

Thanks a ton for response. Just want to confirm if its because of company change scenario itself right? otherwise it would have been fine? Thanks

That is correct.