Interview waiver for h4 - Child under 14 - Parents visa type changed and expired

  1. Arrived US - L1B - Spouse and Kid - L2
  2. Got into H1 status before L1B extension rejection
  3. Currently have H1 I-797A till October 2025

I found that I and my spouse was eligible for Interview waiver in India. Can I apply for Interview waiver for my kid (Born in India, under 14 years) as well?

I found this from ustraveldocs.

Children under 14 years of age must submit a photocopy of each parent’s passport biographic information page and valid U.S. visa. If the parents do not hold U.S. visas, the children are not eligible for the interview waiver.

Mine and Spouse’s visa has expired in 2016, would that hold as a valid visa? And, since I can’t provide valid Visa, can’t I apply for Kid’s Interview waiver?

If you all apply at the same time ( add H4 as dependents in your DS-160) , you all should qualify for IW.

Ok. Then, I should be selecting No for have you been issued after your 14th birthday ? Because, only then, I get the option to proceed for interview waiver.