Interview Waiver Eligibly for 14 year old

Hi All,

I am planning to visit India for visa stamping for myself (H1) and my dependents (Wife - H4 EAD, Daughter - H4, Son -H4). There is no change in our visa types, however my daughter got her last visa when she was 11 years old. She’s 14 now. As per interview waiver guidelines, children under 14 are eligible for the waiver. Could you please clarify if my 14 year old daughter is eligible for the interview waiver or should I book an interview appointment for her? In that case, should I apply appointments for me, my wife & son together and submit one separately for my daughter.

Thanks in Advance.


She should qualify for dropbox. Just submit your DS-160 and try scheduling an appointment for all four.

Dear Kalpesh,

Thanks for the swift response. However there is a question “Do you have a previous U.S. visa in any visa class issued on or after your 14th birthday?” and I would have to respond “Yes” if my son and daughter are in my appointment request. If I respond “No”, then it doesn’t request additional questions and doesn’t show interview waiver confirmation message. How should I proceed in this situation?

I did miss that your daughter’s last visa was when she was under 14. You can remove her from your application and apply for her separately.