Interview slot availability - Minimum time


I am planning to apply for B2 visitor VISA for attending my sister graduation ceremony on 14th of next month. I am now trying to book appointment for visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate. Wait time it is showing as 18 calendar days. Just wondering is it the exact time? I remember a few months ago we were getting interview appointment within 4-5 days. Could somebody share their knowledge and experience in this. As I have very short time, I want to make sure we are not getting interview slot within time after we had the paid visa fee.

Thank you

Wait time varies depending upon their work load. Even though it shows as 18 days, it may change to higher or lower in coming days.

So it is around 18 days only but not 4-5 days. If i try to book an appointment now, i will be getting after 18 days?. Is there a way to find real time status on the wait time, like calling TravelDocs etc…

Once you pay the fees and submit DS form, next step is appointment. There you can see the actual dates and times available for appointment.