Interview questions preparation for parents B2 visa

Hello everyone,

I need help regarding B2 visa. My brother and I are planning to invite my parents to US and along with my brother’s in-laws. DS160 was filled with my brother as the sponsor for everyone, payment was done, and we got the slot in April 2023.

All 4 have the interview around the same time in Hyderabad. We have few questions.

  1. In my parent’s case, since both the children reside in US, to show home country ties, should we book flight ticket and/or tour tickets within US? My dad has home documents to show, is this good enough? what other documents are needed to show for Home Ties?

  2. Since my parent’s and in-laws attending the interview around the same time, can we create a new DS 160 with my name as the sponsor on DS 160?

Please provide your thoughts.

He can take documents like home valuation/ownership, bank statement, Fixed deposits, investments etc. If they are in regular doctors care, they can show treatment, medical bills etc., any insurances, pension payments.

You may submit updated DS-160 and have them carry copy of old and new to their interview. Also call VFS so they can update the DS-160 in their appointment.