Interview question for spouse for dependant L2 visa

My husband company has applied for L2 Visa for him,I am wrkin in mnc here,but will resign and plan go with him,our interview is scheduled in 10 days,we have a 4 years daughter also.i dont know i will be able to work there or not…please help me as to what will be appropriate to answer as

-what will you do the whole day when your husband has gone to work?

Regards monal.

Your husband’s employer must have applied for L-1A or L-1B. L-2 is a dependent visa and you and your daughter will be eligible for L-2 visa.

Anyways, answer to that question is that you will take care of the kid.

L-2 will allow you to apply for EAD in future, and you can work on the same. So the officer knows that there is a good possibility that you will not sit at home but will start working as soon as you become eligible. What I mentioned above is a safe answer, and probably accurate in your situation.