International travel after transferring university


I have got admission to University A and in MS in Business Analytics, I got my multiple entry visa stamped, I entred U.S. and After the first semester, I changed to University B in MS in economics.

Can I use my multiple-entry visa and go to my home country and return?

I am asking this because now I am in a different program and I also work as a research assistant in my current university(B) which may be sensitive(or not),


This should be okay as far as you joined the school for which your F1 visa was approved and then later changed as you were interested in another course.
Make sure you talk to your DSO at current school and get a new I-20 with travel authorization. Also if the course fees are drastically high for the current school, carry financial documents that you may have submitted during changing the school when transferring.

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Thanks for the answer. It should be okay. But Do you think that it can be risky?

If someone says it is risky will you not visit your home country at all? :slight_smile:
You take decisions with calculated risk. Doing nothing is also risky.
I wouldn’t worry much but feel free to consult an immigration lawyer online and follow their advice.

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