internal projects details in H1b Visa Interview

My employer is a US based software company, employer has filed H1B petition for me this year and my petition has been approved. I am working for an inhouse projects, and my I129 has all this details regarding my projects and location. I am planning to schedule my visa interview.Can you provide the details regarding documents i should have when i am going for visa interview, is there any specific documents i should have as i am working for an inhouse projects. Is there any specific questions i should expect.Thanks in advance

They might as if it is an internal project why it is not L1 Visa?

Be prepared to answer that.

Actually not all internal projects qualify for L-1. For L-1, the use of employer proprietary tools/applications/skills/technology is required, which may not be required for all internal projects.

When internal projects get tricky is when they are used a sham to avoid client/project letters.

A small-medium size consulting company doesn’t have huge cash reserves. So they rely on clients to pay for the employees and keep a cut from it for their expenses and profits. When such a company files for internal project, USCIS and consulate can become very interested to know how the company plans to pay the salary when the employee will not be a billable asset.

In case of product company, they can show that internal project means working on a product which will then earn revenue. A company can also show that internal project is automation or modernization of an expensive process, tool etc and will save money (instead of earning money).

Most of the internal projects filed by consulting companies are a sham to avoid client/project letter. They know about it and are increasing their crackdown on such frauds.

So be careful and be fully aware of what you will be doing in US as part of that ‘internal project’.

Hi, My case is also similar to you. Are you done with the stamping? If yes, can you please share your experience during stamping and share the list of questions you were asked in the interview? Appreciate your help!