Intern (J-1)- now offered permanent- need H1-b. Bachelors quota full 2012?

i have completed all of the required, and supporting, documentation to apply for my H1-B (starting Nov2012)…

I was about to process it and the company finance department spoke briefly with a lawyer who said the quota is full; and I wouldnt be able to apply unitl April2013. Is this correct?

If I file and it is ful, will they still take the payment?

My J-1 visa expires in 2 months. If I extend my J-1 visa - I am not allowed to recieve pay on this visa and so will not be able to fund myself.

The company are willing to start paying me as soon as I am entitled.

Please advise

Can i still submit online LCA?

and then i-129?

The H1B quota for this year was filled in June itself. You have to wait until April 1st to file your H1 petition and moreover this H1 would authorize you to work from October 2013 only, not before that. Kindly check with an immigration lawyer to confirm the same.

Is my only option to extend my J-1 visa until then?

Probably yes, as far as I know… also, if the employer is a NGO, university or a research organization, these institutions can file H1B all through the year and they dont come under the cap. Look for such employers and find yourself a job.