Interchanged first name and last name in DS 160 appointment confirmation letter

I have filed DS-160 form as per my passport. but my first name and last name interchanged in visa application. will it impact my visa interview?

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Hi Prasanth, I also by mistake interchanged given name an surname in the appointment letter. I don’t want to cancel my appointment. Can you share your experience? What’s your advise? My ds160 and passport information matches.

Changing the Names order is a BIG thing, you should get the DS-160 fixed. If you cannot edit the name details, I suggest you create a New DS-160 form and carry the same to Consulate. Explain the issue to them and submit the New DS-160 with corrected information.

Thanks prasanth- names on Ds 160 and passport matches.

Mistake was done for the online profile creation for the visa appointment. So in the appointment letter it has last name first name instead of first name last name. This is where given name and surname was interchanged and not in the Ds 160.

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Well, if you have it entered correctly in DS-160, it should be correct. Look at your letter closely, there will be a comma in between, which means it is correct. In general, if there is a comma, the surname is first and then comes the first name. If not, call customer service.


Bro how was your vac experience then,
Did the voc officials correct it and gave a new appointment form for interview