Intended length of stay in DS-160

While submitting Intended length of stay I filled in 30 months as compared to my validity of complete 3 years.

Reason is I expected my interview date will be somewhere in the end of NOV-2016 because of heavy wait times that are going on in consulate right now and then from there 2 months of Notice period in INDIA so around 6 months are gone by the time of interview and notice time so I filled in 30 months.

Luckily I got slot of of next week for interview - 9th Sep, 2016 so now 33 months are possible instead of 30 months.

Wondering if VO will ask me to submit my passport after 3-4 months since I mentioned I wanted it only for 30 months. will this have any issues at the consulate interview? Should I change DS-160? If possible I would like it to correct it to say 33 months to be on a safer side, is it possible?

It should not matter. They usually grant visa to match the petition expiration date. Even when you enter US, you would be granted stay for a period until petition expiration date.

DS-160 form is common to all visa categories. This question is more relevant to B-1/2 visa category than H-1B.