Inquiry Regarding H4 EAD Renewal Process

09/29/2023 - H4 EAD case received at USCIS
01/05/2024 - H1B, H4 extension filed
04/12/2024 - Extension Approved till 2027
05/08/2024 - H4 EAD case Approved but till 06/20/2024
Q1: Why EAD is valid till 06/20/2024, shouldn’t it be till 2027?
Q2: What should be my next steps
a) EAD renewal
b) Reach out to USCIS to give me authorization till 2027?
Q3: while my EAD is in renewal process can I still work or I have to pause working?

Did you file H4 extension of status with the H1B extension and H4 EAD?

I have drafted my questions again please have a look

This is becuase when you applied for EAD the supporting H1B and H4 I-797 were valid till June 2024.
Ideally you should have applied for H4 EAD along with the extension of status for H1B and H4 in which case your EAD would have been approved in line with the H1B and H4.

You will need to apply for EAD before its expiry in June 2024.

Yes, you get automatic extension for up to 540 days provided your H4 is valid which is true as it is valid till 2027.

Thank you so much for the information.