Inputs needed for parents visa - Rejected 3 times earlier



		Any inputs will be appreciated for the successful stamping of visitors visa.
		Following is the information about our case.

		 - I have been in the United states since Nov 2007 on H1 visa. I have never visited back to India due to medical condition of my daughter who born in USA in NOV2010. I recently went to Canada & got my renewal visa stamped there.

		- My parents applied for visitors visa 3 times (4 times for my mother), & they have been rejected with reason "no strong ties with home country". Last time my parents applied was almost an year back now. They have now Canada Visa & they visited canada last year from around July to Nov 2012. We are planning to apply for US visa now again.

		- My father is retired from a private company. My both sisters are in Canada & they have citizen ship of canada. My father owns home in India & all the relatives of my parents (brother, sisters) are in India.

		In almost all the interviews the questions were following:

		1) what are you doing?

		2) why you want to visit USA?

		3) How many childrens you have ?

		4) Where are they?
		They did not ask any other question about properties & other relatives.


		& they rejected visa. Did not ask for any documents.

		My parents used Gujarati language for interview.

No visa is rejected without reason

The reason may be unknown to applicant, It may be weird, stupid or solid.

It is necessary to find out the real reason for rejection other than the standard printed reason given to everybody whose visa is rejected.

Your case needs detailed study. I may or may not  be able to help you

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