Initiation of H1 transfer with company C while H1 transfer is in progress with Company B


I was working with company A and had my h1b petition approved till March, 2020.
Now I got an offer from Company B and they have filed for a H1 transfer and I left Company A and have joined company B on receipt notice for the same. That H1 transfer is still in progress and it has not been approved yet.

Now I have a good offer from Company C and they are willing to initiate H1 transfer. I want to know …

  1. Will this H1 transfer ( C ) be dependent on the outcome of the previous H1 transfer ( B )?
  2. If Company A revokes the H1B since I left that company, what are the possible outcomes of that scenario.

Please help.

  1. Yes, it will be. You are in a bridge situation. All the petitions in the bridge needs to be approved.
  2. Well, technically you have moved to Company B, stuff with company A may not matter…as long as you maintain your status you should be fine.
    If you have bridge kind of situations, you need to discuss with your attorney and make an informed decision.