Initiate GC with new employer though PERM application exists from former

Hello Saurabh,

I have been following your blogs for a while now and it has helped answer lot of  questions I had at a number occassions during my transfer from L1B blanket visa to H1B. I have a question that I was unable to find an answer for. Would appreciate if you can provide your expert guidance.

I moved from L1B to [b]H1B sponsored[/b] by a "[b]small company A[/b]" [b]in 2011[/b]. [b]Company A[/b] started GC process almost immediately and got Prewailing Wage Determination completed. [b]Filed PERM on Feb 9[/b] and had an [b]audit enquiry which was replied to on May 30, 2012[/b]. No response has been received ever since though my colleagues whose PERM were filed along with mine from the same company got approvals within 2 months of applying.

In [b]July 2012[/b], I accepted an offer from "Large [b]Tier 1 Company B[/b]" and [b]transferred my H1B[/b] from Company A. [b]Company B wants to initiate my GC process[/b] now considering my [b]6 yrs will be complete in March, 2015 ( I797-A  is valid till March, 2015)[/b]. I want to get the GC done with Company B thinking about my long term plans and also I may possibly get GC sooner considering their reputation (not sure if it matters).


	[b]Should I inform Company B about the PERM process from Company A that is still in progress?[/b] (I spoke with the Company A owner when I resigned and he was ready to continue the PERM process as I had already paid for it) Will that cause any issues?

	If there is no harm, [b]can I use the same priority date [/b]from my current PERM application with Company B as well?

Thanks in advance for looking into this. I have a call with the Company B immigration lawyers on Thursday and not sure if you can but would appreciate if you can advise before that.

Best Regards,