Initial H4 visa valid only for 2 years

Need some clarification pls.

I have my initial H1B started Oct 1, 2022 and valid till Sep 30, 2025 (valid for 3 years and currently in the US - I changed status to H1B).

However, my dependent have their approved H4 valid only until Oct, 2024. I had thought the validity would be until 2025 (same as mine).

  1. Do I need to raise this with the approving consulate, or there is no need for concern?

  2. Does this mean my family would need to go for their H4 renewal by 2024 even when my H1B is still valid until 2025? Or they can remain in the US as long as my H1B is valid, even though their visa would have expired?

Kindly advise. Thanks for your help

Probably it could be that the passport is expiring in Oct 2024.

Your choice but there has to be a reason for not approving a 3 year valid visa.

You will need to apply for H4 extension of status within 6 month of expiry of H4 I-94 which is issued by the CBP when the H4 enters in the US of if already in the US the I-94 is attached with the I-797 H4 approval notice.

Thanks Kalpesh.

With respect to H4 passport expiry, the passport expiry date is actually 2026. So not really sure the reason for lower years of approval than H1B