Information on e-request! In regards to filed H1B extension petition

Hi Saurabh/All,

I need some info on the e-request.


My husband had filed his H1B extension petition in End of April 2013, its been 4 months haven't heard anything from the USCIS. I read on this forum about e-request.



1. Who can raise e-request? (Employee, employer, attorney)

2. When can an e-request be raised? I understand it is after like 2 months time, in which u expect a response back from USCIS. I am not sure what is the expect time for H1B extension petitions. Any info on these lines would help.

3. What info (apart from your receipt  num) will you need? I read about confusion on a zip code (attorney/employer) in some of the thread on this blog. Can someone help out on this?

4. Will raising e-request create have negative impact in the decision? Any experiences or other blog studies etc might help


If you have any info, please reply back.


Thank You,