info needed for H1 to H4 to H1 conversion


I am working on H1 in houston and my husband is in seattle. My project is ending by Jan 13 and my company has not got any project for me at Seattle. Can i convert my H1 to H4 until i get a project from my company, and then get it converted back to H1 once I get the project ? If yes, please let me know how to proceed about it.

Conversion is not needed for H4 . Your husband has to initiate H4 and its done quite easily . for that , you will need NOC from your current organization which is usually the hurdle for H4 in case of working spouse . if you get it , you can go on H4 and once your company finds a project , you need to cancel your H4 as you cannot hold two visas at same time . I don’t the cancellation procedure but since your location will be different from now,LCA will be filed and once,its accepted - you can travel to seattle .