Indian passport renewal in USA Help

Hi All,

Would you mind helping me with the below question I have on Indian Passport Renewal in USA.

Firstly, I wish to print my Indian address on my passport as it’s easy [because there is no change in my address except that it is AndhraPradesh back then and now its Telangana - I don’t think that is considered as a address change].

Please help me by with the following questions I have…,

  1. As my Indian address did not change and my current passport showing my Indian address is still a valid address for me., that is I wish to get the same address printed on my new renewed passport too then I need not submit any/all of my India address documents again right.?

Note: Not that I don’t want to print my USA address in the passport but my DL is from another state and I just moved to a different state (I have lease and utility bills here but photo ID - the DL is from another state).

  1. I see there is another section called “Other Address” in the govt.form that I need to fill, I know that has to be my USA address as I choose Indian address to be printed on my new passport but my question is do I have to submit any documents showing my USA address while sending the packet to embassy.? or I can ignore those too.? as its under “Other Address” section

  2. One more question here is that I choose to have the same Indian address as my address printed on my passport (above question 1.) and Other Address as USA address (question 2.) then what address needs to be filled in the form ANNEXURE ‘E’. the Indian address or USA’s.

Thanks in Advance.!