Indian passport renewal in Chicago


I am on an L1 visa that expired last week and my extension has been filed and waiting for a response. My wife’s passport is expiring in July and need to renew the passport. I read on the forums that to renew the passport with an expired L1 we need to attend an interview at the consulate. Can someone explain this process and share the experiences on this. Also, what additional documentation is required to renew the passport in this case.



Chicago Indian passport office is as inefficient as any you can find in India. They lose applications, misplace fees, photos, affidavits and mistype names. However, they also get the job done. Follow through with the listing of documents needed during appearance and you will be okay. Just try not to follow up by phone, it doesn’t work. Do some deep breathing before starting the process and never get angry at the officials. This is how we get things done in India, Chicago consulate is simply a mini India.