Indian passport renewal form error on address page

I registered on the passport india website and started filling up online form for passport renewal. I am currently in US on H1B and will visit my parents in mid Jan

I entered the present address as US address and permanent address as my parents address .(India)


The online form throws error on this address page. 


Application cannot be processed under Tatkaal scheme. Please apply under Normal category and for any further enquiries you may consult the Assistant Passport Officer (APO), Head of Passport Seva Kendra.


The error is thrown irrespective of whether i chose 'Normal' or 'Tatkal' as the application type on first page


I checked earlier on this forum and was advised that i can do renewal from india


I have <15 days left for my flight to india and i need to fillup application quickly and book a date for appointment at passport office in india


Please help on how to get past this error and next steps for passport renewal

Dear Rakeshjourno,

Fill the form with Indian address.Do not bring American address in to picture.

Apply for Normal Passport.Appointments open only for 1 date at a time in Nagpur Passport Seva Kendra where I am. I can not  comment about other places. Current appointment availabilty is from 14 jan for Nagpur

It is very difficult to get even appointment.Appointment opens for a very short time and slots get over in less than 5 minutes.

Again I am only talking about Nagpur Passport seva kendra.

But way forward for you is- Take online application path. Select yr Passport seva kendra as per yr jurisdiction . Give both current and permanent address- India

Take the first available appointment which you can make

[b]Be alert to notice about when the slots will open[/b]

[b]good luck[/b]

Wouldnt i be lying to passport office if i say my current address is in india.

Clearly this fact cannot be hidden as immigration department can track it from my passport

Lying on passport application can result in legal action and bad remark on my passport record

Q1 . What are you thoughts on giving wrong facts on passport form ?

besides if i pick present address out of india as No
it asks me for residing since
I never stayed at that place as i was working in a different state even when i was in india

Again same Q, it could be considered willful lying if i submit present address as my parents address, wouldnt it

Dear Rakeshjourno,
Your apprehension is justified .
But this is how others have done it without any problem.System accepts applications in India only if address is in India. Otherwise you have to apply to consulate in America.
Rest assured that no action will be taken against you.
In any case you have to meet Passport officer for out of turn receipt of passport[ if at the time of application Seva kendra does not accept Tatkal status] and explain yr case.

Still if you do not want to mention today , yr address in India as current address then other way is to apply after coming to India. But There again, technically you will be asked since when are you staying at current address. and yr previous address during last 1 year- which will be USA.Passport officer is supposed to refer such case to Indian consulate for clearance.
If you do not want to take this path,only option before you is to apply in USA to Indian Consulate.
System is not designed to cover cases like you where person staying abroad applies for Appointment in India

Thanks sudeeptravels for your interesting suggestion

Using your suggestion, I could get past that error and complete the form

Couple of concerns before i submit the application online

  1. If the system is not designed to handle the scenario of out of india applicants, why did they provide that facility of out of india address in the first place
  2. What is the best / first opportunity to meet the passport officer and explain the situation

I have the online form ready but stopped short of submission and thought of checking with you again on above two questions as i read the following in self declaration

I am aware that under the Passports Act, 1967 it is a criminal offence to furnish any false information or to suppress any material information with a view to obtaining passport or travel document.

Please provide answers/official reference website/guideline/contact number if you can

Thanks a lot

What is the form filled by you ?
Giving USA address and seeking Appointment in India?
If you are able to do that , Great.
As I understand it, Out Of India applicants should apply abroad.
To be frank we dot get many cases like yours . Our knowledge is based on past experience with persons like you and what Passport office persons tell us., besides of course website.

Meeting time of passport officer is 10 am to 1pm on all working days.
There is another option.Fill the form- that is what you have done. Generate ARN. But do not take appointment
You can meet Passport Officer without taking Appointment. Explain yr case to him
He has the power to sanction submission of case without Appointment . But he can also ask you to take Appointment which you can do. Again Passport Officer has the power to sanction early submission of application.
You have to use judgement about duration of yr stay in India and validity of yr passport. It is possible that passport officer may ask for fresh police report/enquiry.
Do not get fooled by so called Tatkal word.It is possible only if You can give verification certificate in format by a person of IAS/IPS rank or sub divisional Magistrate. Not at all easy to get.
Alternately Passport Officer can grant out of turn passport -subject to his satisfaction- only after receipt of police report, a little time consuming process. that makes you run around.
Passport Seva Kendra help line no is 1800-258-1800
On a valid passport if address is same, [you have to again produce proof yr current address] you may or may not be be granted tatkal status without Verification certificate and fresh police enquiry.
Clarify all yr doubts by calling Passport Seva Kendra Helpline

Hello sudeeptravels,

I could get past the error by mentioning current address out of india as NO and permanent address same as current address YES and supplying my parents indian address

I havent submitted the form yet as i am still thinking about self declaration

I am aware that under the Passports Act, 1967 it is a criminal offence to furnish any false information or to suppress any material information with a view to obtaining passport or travel document.

I have tried the help line 1800-258-1800 from US, can never connect to it, so seeking your help

Final request, if you have any official link which clarifies this way to fill up the form, please let me know

A related question. My indian address on passport and new address that i am filling up in the online form are different as my parents moved.

Can i apply for tatkal passport renewal

What are the timelines for tatkal vs normal passport renewal


website is–
Try again between 10am to 8 pm Indian time passport seva kendra no 1800-258-1800
In your case , in view of your apprehension , I suggest following most practical way
Fill the form but do not submit it. Create ARN .Meet Passport Officer personally and explain yr case. He has the power to sanction submission without taking appointment.
But remember Tatkal means nothing. You may require fresh police enquiry
I have given information that I can.
If any other thing is required contact me between 9=30am to 6=30 pm indian time on no 91-712-2420855

Hi Rakeshjourno,

hi, i had the same issue like yours regarding passport renewal, so finally what happened to your renewal, how did you managed to get renewed plaese let me know the details, it will help me a lot…