Indian passport and USA visa - Name Change FNU Renewal

I have a peculiar issue:

My existing indian passport carries my Given name as “RAVIKUMAR RAMASWAMY THANGIAH”
This passport is expiring next month and I am initiating to renewal of passport.

My USA VISA is valid till 2027. in this doc my GIVEN name is: FNU (FIRST NAME UNKNOWN )

Can I do the following while applying for renewal of passport:

First name/given name: RAVIKUMAR


request help urgently, as I am going to apply in 2 days time. I am stuck in USA due to covide-19 lockdown. Pls help

Name split is going to be tricky as you are technically changing your family name. They may ask for proof and other documents, which you may or may not have and you are not in home country. You can give it a try by talking to the Indian Embassy in USA and see their guidance.

If they say, it is fine, then you can do it, otherwise, you may need to stick with what is in your passport today.

Do update here for community benefit.

Yes Mr.Kumar, I also thought so. I am proceeding with continuing the same details as existing,

Anyway, thanks for your message.


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