Indian citizen residing in UK. Can I apply for H1B visa in UK?

Hi. I am an Indian citizen residing in the UK for more than 4 years. I am working here and am on a Tier 1 General visa. I have a job offer from a company in the US who are also ready to sponsor a H1B visa for me.

My question is can I apply my visa here in the US embassy London or do I have to travel back to India for it? As it might be difficult for me to sort holiday and stuff to go back to India for the visa?

I came accross this post []( which a sort of answers my question but just woundering if the rules are changed (as the post was answered back in 2011).

Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you

You can apply there, the only problem is sometimes it difficult to verify education details if the stamping is done in any country other than the home country. That is the reason why most of the people suggest to have first stamping done in home country.