India travel on H4 after H1B approval

I employer is filing H1B without COS for my wife who is currently on H4. She wont be ready to work from Oct as she has a India travel at end of this year.

  1. After H1B approval - Can she travel to India and come back on H4 and Can she go for H4 stamping (her H4 expired and extension in progress).

  2. Can she apply for COS from H4 to H1B after coming back to USA. If yes does she need to go out of USA for H1B stamping.

Any other suggestions please help.

  1. Yes, she can get H-4 visa stamped and return on it even if her H-1 petition has been approved

  2. COS can be applied. If approved, no immediate need to get H-1 visa stamped. She can get it when she travels outside of US next and wants to return to US to work on H-1

I am in exact same situation this year. Please let me know how things worked out for you last year.