Incorrect work address in DS-160

This is with regards to my appointment confirmation for domestic H1B visa renewal. While filling out the section for “Temporary Work Visa Information” in DS-160, I accidentally gave my employer address as the work address instead of giving my home address since I work from home and the LCA contains my home address.
I have already sent over my passport and other required documents over to USCIS.
I wanted to know how this will affect my application? I understand there is no way to correct this.

You can submit a new DS-160 with updated address.

I do not have direct experience with updating an incorrect address on a DS-160 form, but after researching the process, here is what I understand: You have 30 days after submitting the form to log back in and make changes. Then print a fresh confirmation page containing the revisions. Be sure to bring both the initially printed page and the new one with corrections to your interview.

That is correct. If ita more than 30 days, you can submit a new DS-160 and carry copy of new and old.

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