Incorrect travel history on i94 -- Urgent help required.


I need an urgent help regarding a strange issue I am facing because “DELTA Airlines” misconduct. I am in USA on H1B Visa from an year with i94 validity till the end of 2016. I had to travel from Atlanta to San Jose (in California, USA) on personal work during November 2014. So I booked a flight with DELTA Airlines. But by mistake, I booked the ticket to San Jose (in Costa Rica, a different country) from Atlanta. However before my travel date, I identified the mistake and canceled the ticket. However today to my surprise, I have identified that there exists a wrong entry in my I94 travel history that I departed from Atlanta (from USA) on the same date of my canceled flight. This is an additional entry to my original arrival entry to USA an year ago.

I was panicked a lot and I have called DELTA Airlines about their mistake (of not deleting my name from their flight manifest or entries). But the customer care and corporate office od DELTA Airlines is not at all supporting to resolve the issue, saying that it is my responsibility instead.

I read through various forums, but still confused on whom to contact exactly (either CBP - US Customs and Border Protection or USCIS)?

Please help me by sharing any info related to this (Both on whom to reach and with what information/documents to reach them).

Thanks in advance.


CBP handles I-94 entries and they can correct records as needed. The departure record entered by Delta will show up as an error if there is no reentry record for you from Costa Rica as the travel never happened. This is a common mistake on cancelled travel ever since I-94 became electronic. In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about on outbound travel data.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,, sshankar AT

Hi Sandeep Shankar,

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I am really worried about this incorrect data on my travel history and I tried all means to correct this. Delta customer care is really bad and they are either not understanding the issue or not trying to address the issue. I spoke with CBP Inspection customer care and they directed me to contact the CBP office at San Jose, International Airport. The CBP officer, I spoke with, has suggested me that either I get the details corrected by Delta or ignore the issue. Not sure, what should I do going forward :frowning:

Request your help in understanding how to resolve the issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Ram,

I have the similar issue. The problem though is, for a long time, I had not checked my travel history somehow. I make one india trip each year… but somehow, there are errors in my travel history.
The last date of entry shows Nov 2013… while I have made 2 india(International) trips after that, and the most recent entry was in Jan 2015. I wonder how none knew about the incorrect entries… and I did not have any issue on port of entry either. Which is weird!

Even as I am writing this, my travel history shows my last departure was in 2014 Nov… after which I came back and visited india again this time … so two entries have been unnoticed!

As I did not have any issue(though I never knew about it until recently- else I would have freaked out!), ignoring it should not have any issue with you either!

btw, a genuine question- Does CBP check your travel history on port of entry?

Hi Lippie,

Even I thought it is a common mistake and ignored it. I posted this question in Forum on Jan 6th. But after 2 months, I came to know how bad it is.

I recently relocated with in USA and I applied for a DL on Jan 10th. On the same day I passed the test and they told me that they will send me the DL in a week. Even after 2 months, I did not received the DL. So I called DMV to know what is the reason. To my surprise they told me that they did not get clearance from CBP. I am sure this is because of that wrong entry :frowning:

Also an attorney told me that this entry may effect GC process in future.

Finally I understand that I am in a pit. Do not know how can I come out of this problem (the mistake of DELTA that thrown me in to this pit).

Hi Sandeep Shankar,

Can you please share me your thoughts?

Hi Ram,

So after your reply, I paid more attention to this issue and found a way to get the entry corrected/added/deleted. Basically, you need to contact a CBP site.

Any site in country is fine if they can do it over phone. But looking at your case, you may need to visit them physically to get the thing done faster.
I just visited a CBP site and the officer noticed the recent entry stamps and hence corrected the database.
Call any one of the cbp office nearby you, and they shall guide you. You will need to go with supporting documents- (like passport and H1b receipt is fine). It is really quick. Also, let the cbp officer know what your attorney says.

More, I also told the officer about few missing departure entries from my travel history. And he said, dont worry about departures- unless you have stayed out for more period than what you should have(may be for green card holders), we only care about arrivals. And so, my departures are not modified in travel history. In my case, my passport with recent arrival stamps was enough as supporting documents. Usually these visits are walk in.

All the best!

If this problem has not been corrected yet, simply go to the nearest international airport and ask for the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) office. It will take them 5 minutes to correct the entry.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,,

Hi Sandeep

Once the corrections are done , how much time it will take to reflect in my I-94 ?


HI sir as i went to nearest CBP office but they said you need to do it in online i94 website only i have the same issue departure is there in my passport but missing details are port of exit and arrival information can you plz help me with this how to overcome this issue asap.