Incorrect H-1B visa stamp

My first H-1B (cap-exempt) visa was issued in Dec 2019. I moved into a new role in July 2021 with an employer, who filed for a new cap-exempt H-1B - the I-797A for which I provided during my document drop-off the Shivaji Stadium Metro Station VAC.

For some reason, the VFS agent attached my older I-797A form (that expires in Aug this year and is in my former employer’s name) and I received my passport with my same old H-1B visa that was printed on my passport. I have a new passport, so the embassy cancelled the visa on my old passport and reprinted it on my new one.

My return flight to the US is in a few days and I will appreciate help to rectify this mistake and my visa to show my most current information. Thank you!

You will need to talk to VFS and explore your options. I think you will need to repay the visa fees and book another dropbox appointment to get this fixed. Or simply travel on this visa and present the new I-797 to the CBP at port of entry.