Incorrect Annotation on H1B visa containing I140 number.


I have 3 H-1B petitions until now. 1st one expired on 31st May 2016. 2nd one, which is my current H-1B visa petition is valid until 31 Aug 2017. 3rd one, which is a new extension petition is valid from 1st Sep 2017 to 31st Aug 2020. As my H-1B visa expired, which is valid until 31st May 2016 and I visited my home country, I have used Dropbox facility to get the new stamping. New visa is issued and I collected my passport.

Everything in the new H-1B visa is good, which is valid until 31st Aug 2020. However to my surprise, in “Annotation” section my I-140 number is printed as P#I140_number and the expiry date(PED) is mentioned as 31st Aug 2017, which is my current H-1B petition end date. I am guessing, they intend to mention the current H-1B petition number and some how ended up entering my I-140 number?

Am I going to face any issue with this at POE?

Thanks in advance.