In-Person Visa Interview


When the time i am filling my visa application, my eligibility of Interview Waiver will get expired in 8 weeks.(Please note currently am falling within 48 months critiria). But i couldnt visit India atleat next 3 months and i need to schedule visa interview after my 48 months eligibitliy ciritiria or atleast after 3 months. So i currently stuck at answering below question asking in Visa scheduling portal,

Did your previous visa (except B1/B2, B1 or B2) expire within the last 48 months?
Answer : Yes or No

What should i answer here?

Is it right to select “No” since i am looking for a slot which goes beyond 48 months?
Should i need to wait until my 48 months eligiblity expire in 8 weeks and then start my visa application process which will possibly increase my waiting time of getting visa slot

Thanks in advance

Answer No if you are going after 48 months of visa expiry.