in I797 H1-B petition, one alphabet is missing in my surname. Will it create problem


My Given Name in the I797 H1-B petition is correct. But one alphabet is missing in my SURNAME. Will it create a problem.

Will USCIS will do such a typo error ?

They do such typos all the time. You can get it corrected, its not a fatal error in your application.

thanks ankit.
Can I go to H1-B visa stamping with the existing petition. or do i need to correct it before appearing for the visa interview.

Thanks in advance.

If the employer has no urgent need to send to you US, then a better solution is for them to file for H-1 amendment to get the correct name on the petition.
You can then appear for stamping w/ ameded petition.
Also, check w/ employer as to what was mentioned in I-129 form. If that form had correct name, then USCIS did a mistake and amendment should be free.
If your employer had enetered the wrong name in I-129, then your employer will have to pay for amendment costs. But it is always suggested to have as correct information as possible on all the forms before stamping.