In I-129 'Date Passport Issued' is wrongly mentioned


I have got my approved H1B Petition [ Regular processing ] on April 2011.

On June 2011,I have completed stamping at Chennai consulate and got my Visa.

Because of some changes,I have applied for Amendment [ Premium Processing ] on June 2012.That also got approved and I got the petition package.

One of my observation in amended petition is that in I-129 ,Under Part 3 Beneficiary Information the ‘Date Passport Issued’ is wrongly mentioned.

Only the passport issued date is wrong and rest all looks good.Instead of MMDDYYYY format,they have mentioned it as DDMMYYYY.

Do I need to worry about this ? In my initial petition,this was correct.

Please do reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.

I am not sure on how this will impact you in your travel and/or stay in the US. But I would recommend you to get it corrected from USCIS. Talk to your employer/attorney who could do this for you.

Thank you Sujith…Since mine was premium processing,whether my employer can do this by just requesting USCIS via customer care number ? Or do we need to go for amendment again ?

I had a similar experience; there was a spelling mistake with my wife’s name in her I-797 approval notice (mistake was originally in the I-129 petition). Our attorney emailed USCIS requesting for the amendment and they send back an amended approval notice in couple of weeks time. Her’s was PP. I think you too could try that - if an amendment application required USCIS will inform that.

Thank you Sujith !!