In house letter or client letter, which one has less risk of rejection??

Hi i’m filing for H1B this year and hearing many things related to in house letter and client letter. Some of them are saying that in house letter has less chances of rejection and some are saying the other way. Which one has less chances of rejection in these two. Please help out. Thank you.

obviously keeping client letter only has the less chances of risk than in house

In addition, most of the in-house projects are sham, and USCIS/consulate know about it.

Hi Saurabh, We have seen some cases go through with in house successfully at USCIS and consulate, and some for rejection. What could be your thought/personal views, why it is specific to case.

Asking this question, because, finding consultants who can provide client letter are very less.

It varies from case and also depends upon the visa officer. It is possible that 2 employees from the same company appear with same in-house project documents but end-up w/ different fates.

A lot of these small consulting companies do not have cash buffers. So they rely on clients to provide funds, which are then used to pay salaries (that it why lot of them don’t pay when you are on bench).

When someone shows in-house project, the officer may be interested in knowing how the employee will be making money for the company. For a product based company, this would involve selling the product to different clients but for a consulting company this will not be true.

Thanks Saurabh !, Really appreciate you , in taking every question with lot of patience and answering.