In H4 and I-140 approved want to work as a child care provider

Right now my mom is in H4 visa and our I-140 is approved. But once the H4 EAD rule is in form, she want to work as a child care provider. She did her B.Com in India and doesn’t have 16 years of education. She will do child care courses from community college or online courses which give credit, but does it need any license or is it just like going to one of the child care center and ask for work showing high school diploma, bachhelor’s degree and course certificates ? Also do they do H1 for child care workers if she want to start apply for license now ?

She needs a CDA certification if she plans to work in a child daycare. This involves giving an exam. There is a prerequisite of being 12th class qualified so high school diploma works. If she works at a licensed facility with other supervisors, a CDA is not needed. Also look into classifications other than H-1 such H-2a or H-3.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;