In h1b, 30 days was over without payroll still only 30 days left.

Hi Ram/3rd timer,

H1b (with COS) was approved on Jan 18th 2018. My employer A (consultancy) informed me that client has recently changed their company policy to not to take h1b holders. So am searching jobs outside. Already 30 days was over without payroll and only 30 left in my bucket.

  1. Am planning to go to India and transfer my H1b to an employer B. Is the way possible or it will create a problem to h1b (if I do this will lose h1b)? Please advice.

(Note: Aware that if I leave US, COS status is abandoned)

  1. If I crossed 60 days without payroll in the US then what will happen?

  2. If my transfer ended up with denial means, will h1b remain with employer A?

  3. What are the documents are required to transfer h1b?

  4. How many days will it take for approval of h1b transfer nowadays?

  5. My employer is partially helping me to find a job. In this case, shall I honestly tell to my employer that am leaving the US to find a job in my home country or will leave without informing the employer?

Thank you. please advice.