In F1 status and not in time in H1B processing.


Actually I am in F1 visa, I came in the usa with for a certificate which last for a year. I have been on CPT and actually I am in OPT(not the extensible STEM one). My OPT expires in december. I completed my master degree (from non us university) in computer science this year.

My company filled my H1B but lately and I could not get through the gap.

What is the best alternative for me because I want to keep my status valid and fill for the next 2013 gap.

What would be your advice ?


Your options

	Look for a Cap-exempt employer like a University/Non-profit organization

	Continue on to a new Masters program or a certification program in which case you might not be able to avail the OPT again

	If the employer who was willing to file your H1b has Indian operations explore the option of working in India from Jan-Sep