In correct Visa appointment scheduled (drop box in stead of in person interviewer)

Hello Team,

My H4 visa got expired on 29th Mar 2019, seems like I selected visa expiration date as with in 48 months and proceeded further which led me to drop box appointment. I’ve paid visa application fee and scheduled visa drop box appointment on July 2nd. Could you please let me know next steps? Do I need to cancel drop box appointment and apply freshly for Visa interview? Since I’ve very limited time to cancel and reschedule for in person appointment appreciate your quick response.

You should cancel and reschedule to interview if you aren’t eligible for dropbox.
I also suggest consulting VFS.

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Thank you so much for response. I don’t see new application, I can see reschedule appointment only. How to start new application and reuse visa fee receipt ? Is that possible?

Yes, that is possible. Please contact VFS and they will be able to guide for the steps.