impact of petition withdrawing by old sponsor

I got the approval notice in 2012 and got stamping also done in 2012.

However, I did not travel to USA after that and mean time my visa got expired since it was issued for 18 months.

Since I did not travel, my sponsor got angry and said that he will inform USCIS that I am no longer associated with him and I think he had withdrawn the petition.

I want to know can I still Travel to USA if I get a new sponsor and will I be cap exempt from the 2012 quota.

Would there be any issue since old sponsor withdrawn the petition and can it result in rejection during stamping or new approval etc.
Kindly advise.

I have read about experiences where this was done. New employer can file cap-exempt petition even if employer withdrew the petition. If USCIS withdraws/revokes the perition after discovering fraud or misrepresentation, then that’s a different case.